Switch data Send and receive nodmcu esp8266


ok thanks for your help will do it my self iam disabled student want to learn and new to this community your kind response is my motivation to do thing that no one will give you support for .


I beg to differ. @Gunner has given you some pretty good support, IMO. The link he posted titled “How to display ANY sensor data in Blynk app” contains all the information you would need to get data from D5 and display it on v4.

If you provide some more details, such as what data is being collected on D4 (temperature, acceleration, switch, etc.) as well as what is providing that type of data (i.e sensor type), we may be able to point you to a more specific example in the Sketch builder.

You can also try searching this forum by the sensor type you are using (dht11, ds18b20, adxl337, etc.) and see if there are some examples out there for you to use.

Just know you need at least a basic understanding of programming to be able to successfully do cut and past programming.


I also have learning disabilities, including dyslexic tendency’s, that really make learning from written words… interesting… but I still manage, so can you.


thanks gunner for all your responce all are help full in this regard i will learn and sort out my need


thanks for your kind responce toro_blanco ihave connected switch on d5 and d1 of nod mcu and connected v3, v4 virtual pin with led on blynk app iam geting responce for v3 but not v4 circuit and net connectivity is perfect somthing with code


Post a copy of your latest code. Properly formatted that is.