Switch between local server

I’ve two local servers on my network, to achieve more performance on my applications.
Can be usefull, in this way, to have list, on the main screen, for select wich server to connect (maybe including cloud server)… and also can be a good idea to define a main server and a failback server.

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I have also two local server. Really good idea.everytime switching between two servers i have to upload new code with server details.

I’ve found an alternative solution for Android users… exist an app called “GO multiple” that permite to launch multiple instance of the same app; every instance can be setted with different login.

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I tried this one and also AppCloner, but the only one that work for me its “GO Mutiple”, “Paralle Space” fail to connect to server.

Works for me on an old Samsung S3.

Try again Parallel Space, now work also for me! :+1:

This is a must!
Great workaround suggested by parallel (android only).
the need for multiple servers function as part of the app is mandatory for users working for few Blynk customers,
allowing support for multiple users.
Also a single application access across firewall (external connection) switching back to internal network is cumbersome in the current implementation.
the best option would be the ability to save multiple profiles/accounts, each contains user properties and server properties.

I may be missing something but I don’t get the the need to create a new token for every project, the simple a/b app testing is impossible without burning new flash to the device. It looks to me that the token should be an account (user/server) property and not project property and sharing/cloning projects between accounts should be possible.

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Please take note of timestamps before posting… this is a very old topic.

That is the way the developers designed it… The Auth code identifies each individual MCU to the project. That way you can get specific sensor data and also control specific I/O on specific hardware from one project.

If you have further questions regarding a project you are working on, please create a new topic, as per the guidelines you sell see when creating such.

Thank you.