Swipe left and right to get to other active projects

Would it be feasible to add a swipe through active projects feature? If I have more than one project going, I have to exit one and swipe to find the one I’m looking for. If I didn’t need to exit my current project to find more, it would be much easier to use


@nolmath does have a point… it is kind of aggravating… Why not just have a drop-down menu in the bar at the top that would list all the projects. Just tap the menu icon then tap the project and go directly to it… Then you would not have to page through all the projects to find the one you want. You could also have a filter in the menu to list active projects and all projects, etc…


According to our data, majority of users have only 1-2 projects. We would love to cover all the use cases, but we are a small team and we really need to stay focused.

All of your ideas are noted and will be implemented some day

pffft, amateurs! :slight_smile:

im still starting out,and have:

  1. basement plenum (2 tabs)
  2. upstairs plenum (2 tabs)
  3. fireroom monitoring (1 tab)
  4. subfloor monitoring (1 tab)
  5. BBQ monitoring (2 tabs)
  6. subfloor fan control (1 tab)
  7. roof fans control (1 tab)

how many projects can we actually have?

but yeah, agree, swiping would be easier…

but i love the fast and smooth tab switching :smiley:

Until recently the maximum was 10 or 11 projects. It is now unlimited projects.

Why not just have left and right page buttons in the top bar? It could also display how many projects you have left and right. That would work just like fast and smooth tab switching…