Supercharts Fail to Load When Sketch is Opened

When I open my project in my (android) phone, the superchart normally just sits there showing “loading”, more or less indefinitely, yet if I switch to a different time period and back again immediately, the chart shows up straight away. There’s clearly a logic error somewhere there…

I’ll produce a video to show this …

Hello. Do you use the latest app? What is your Android version and phone model?


Video is too big to upload…

Android is Oreo 8.0, phone is One Plus 5


This doesn’t always occur, but often enough to be bothersome.

Thanks. We will check.

Seems to have been fixed in 2.18.2

I have this issue in 2.24.0, is anyone else having the same?

No… but then the newest version of Android App has increased to 2.26.4… as is apt to happen in the four months since this topic :wink:

I know @Gunner been holding off a few weeks to see if the Auto-scaling Labels will return! Even though I would really like the reports widget! :slight_smile:

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I wish… but official response seems to be “this way or highway”… And if you want to get past other bugs, then updating becomes a requirement, like it or not :frowning:

Although SuperChart seems to work OK on the 2.24.0 version I keep running on my daily driver phone (just for the Auto Scaling :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Mind you, I am using up-to-date Local Server, so not sure if that makes a difference?

@Gunner Thanks for checking, not sure it seems to be only sometimes.