SuperChart y-axis labels indented

Is the y-axis labeling for each graph in the SuperChart shown below offset to the right relative to the top-most graph by design or is this an error? The graph of the 4 data streams was produced in one SuperChart by specifying the % heights for each stream. I am using the most recent Blynk app on iOS.

Given that the figures have a separation between them, there really is no reason to offset the y-axis for each figure, so they could all line up on the left margin. Alternatively, the y-axis label could be alternated between the left and right margins of the display as well.

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That is what they should be doing… strange how they are tabbed so far over in your chart?

Even on mine I am unsure why the bottom two are tabbed in a bit, but at least they are alternating as usual.

I am on Android

Although on this chart, I guess the tabbing makes sense…


Anyone else have strange charts they wish to display :stuck_out_tongue: while we await a developers input.