Superchart Upgrade - Multi-Device Datastreams

One feature I have seen on other platforms is the ability to combine data from two different devices into one chart/graph. This would be a great feature for Blynk I think and would allow for customers to compare things much more easily.

Here is an example for our customers. They have two trees and are measuring readings from them. It rains and they want to compare how the readings have changed between them. Right now they need to switch back and forth between devices (or export data and compare in Excel).

We would be using this a feature for commercial customers most likely, and could definitely be a PRO feature in Blynk.

I’d say this and the ability to do calculations in the dashboard are the two main “commercial” features missing from Blynk PRO currently that would benefit us.

Easily done with legacy…just another “missed feature!”

I never used this feature on legacy so I can’t comment on that.

Maybe if you could create a “virtual device” where you could pull datastreams from other devices could work? Anyway just a thought.

Absolutely, why now I’ve to pay a lot of money to get a fetures that was free in the legacy?
I’m confused!