SuperChart timestamps bug

So, the super chart’s timeline is totally messed up.

The hour from the latest datapoint is quite off, by an amount that varies between time views.

No, there’s no scrolling right left to be done: in fact, the weekly view clearly shows that i got data from the future! :joy:

The space-time continuum anomaly appeared with the latest 2.16.0 app update, and i’m on local server 0.28.3

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Wow, we’ll fix it.

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At least you know your system will be up and running for the next three weeks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



We’ll try to release the fix as soon as possible.

Thanks, though the option could be useful.
Think about reading 3 weeks into the future of the stock market…



better not to fix it, just make it display the correct values for the next few weeks… it would be much more useful :wink:

should we open a new “widget ideas” topic for this feature?

2.16.1 build should be available soon with a fix to this issue

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Upated, thanks!

There’s another issue i noticed though: the 3 month view seems to not display old data.

The cutting point is different between my two devices shown in the same graph, and it’s a little over 1 month ago.

The data is there when scrolling back on the 1 month view.

Maybe we introduced paradoxes in our continuum and now it’s collapsing?

Do you have data for this widget that is older than 3 months? We had added it just 2 months ago.

The oldest data i have is from Aug 26, for both devices, and i can see it in the 1 month graph.
But the 3 months graph stops to Sep 8 on one device and Sep 24 on the other.

EDIT: i will post screenshots in a few minutes for better clarity :slight_smile:

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Thanks, we’ll check, we just enabled 3 month period for graphs with 3 and 4 streams, previously it was disabled, so there could be some issues.

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Here come the screenshots, for the sake of completeness

First, the 3 month view.
second, the 1 month view scrolled backwards as far as it will go.

Yep, got it. Till the end of the week we’ll release 2.16.2 build with a fix to this issue.


2.16.2 release should be available within several hours and it contains fixes to bugs with 3-month data loading.

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