Superchart time display incorrect

The superchart displays time in 24hrs but also provides AM/PM notation. This is odd and unconventional. Was it intended? Would prefer a setting to be able to toggle between 24hrs display or AM/PM display.


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Hello. Format is based on your phone settings. However 24h + PM/AM combination is definitely is a bug. Thanks for the report. We will check.

Tomorrow we’ll release 2.27.0 out of beta, and it will contain a fix to this issue

There goes my 24H/AM/PM learning aid :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK… I never even noticed it before, too bad, it might have helped :thinking:

glad i did search before posting it.
i have the same question too.

Version 2.26.7

It is fixed in our beta, and in several hours a new release will be available with fixes to this issue

Confirmed the issue has been fixed. Thank you.

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