Superchart Shows live data but no history

Hello I have a problem with the superchart. The graph shows the live data, but no history. What could be the problem ?

Seems like you send strings, but not numbers.

My Superchart is also only showing live data several hours after adding the widget. I might be sending Strings too, I will check, but why would live data accept strings but not historical (15m, 30m, 1h etc)?

Different parsing methods. Server doesn’t do trim(), while app does. You may ask - “but why then…”. The answer is trim() is expensive to perform on high load. So server skips it and expects user to fix it :slight_smile:.

Ah so the live data is app based, with trim() and history from server is without.

Any chance of a “change to numbers numpty” warning?

Not exactly. When hardware sends some data - it comes to the server. Server redirects data to the mobile (and you see live on the mobile), also server stores this data in “live” cache. So when you open the app next time it returns you this cache. But this cache doesn’t do trim().

Because maybe this what user wants to send and this is valid. We plan to fix that in Blynk 2.0 with datasteam type.

I was thinking in Superchart i.e. if live data is working but other time periods are not then user messed up.

After x minutes instead of “No data” maybe “This widget only accepts numbers”.

Do you think there are many Blynk users that decide they ONLY want live view by sending Strings to Superchart :slight_smile:


I also have this issue, but I made a double check. The datastream what is on the super chart is integer. Live view it is ok, but no history. How could I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

You need to turn this option on in the web console…



Thanks again !