Superchart problem - loading

I am using local server. In my application, I use supercharts to show CO2 and temperature concentration history. When it is set to Live, 1h or 6h it works and shows history. When I change it to 1d, or larger it will stay with “Loading…” message. Setting it back to lower value (6h or less) and it will work again and shows graph with history. Other gauges are working properly and showing live stream (2s) of values. This happened with last android application update. I am currently away from the place where the laptop hosting the server is. Helps would be appreciated.

Update: I am currently in Beta channel. I would like to try to reinstall last stable APK to see if the problem is with current beta (2.22.0). Where can I find APKs?

What’s version of local server are you using? As there were a lot of changes for the graph periods (we have high and standard resolution ones) and for them to work you need to update your local server to the latest version.

Thanks, I am out of my country for some time so I cannot remember the version. Even though I am using Superchart, I am not using the high resolution settings, only standard one. Can I ask then where can I find previous versions of APKs so I can go back and install one that still works with my current setup? When I return back I will then update server and application too. THanks.

For a quick workaround - you could switch to high resolution periods, as they are same as the old’s default periods, but if you are using too old server your selection will be resetting on the reconnect to the server.

It looks like the cause of your issue is server’s version, because not changed periods are working fine, but changed ones - not.

Aha, possible. But if I would install older APK, it would solve my problem for now, correct?

If you are using a local server - it is better to disable app’s auto-update and update only after your local server is updated to latest version.

Yep, but we do not know your server’s version to understand which app’s version you could use.

I updated it to latest version about 2 months ago … if that helps. I did change it to high resolution and it works, as you mentioned. And, yes, it does resets upon new login. I would like to keep eye on it as it’s part of my research.

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Then maybe let me get last 2-3 stable APKs and I will go backwards until I get one working … Thanks for help.

During last two month we had 5 updates. You can search on for older blynk app’s apk

Thanks for the info, will do and then put here some update.

Website you mentioned is not working ( sent an invalid response). Any other option? I tried but there is not Blynk. Thx.

Works fine on my side, maybe it is blocked in your network.

Hmmmm … So, is there another reputable website where I could find it?

Just try it with another browser, I don’t know about other apk mirror sites.

Interesting it works on my mobile but not on my laptop. Go figure what security settings are running and making that site not safe. Thanks for help.

Thinking about it … is it possible to make application to remember user’s choice and if user will select high resolution periods (old defaults), it will be kept after reconnect? I don’t understand why it would be beneficial to be reset. Thanks.

You have an old server, that’s why this selections are not saved, and switched to default on the profile reloading.

When you will upgrade the server - everything will work correctly, including periods selection.

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@ptut downgrade is not recommended as it may brake things. The best way would be to update both server and app. Nobody tests downgrades :slight_smile:. So no guarantees here


Thanks, Dmitriy, for your answer. Unfortunately, I am not close to the laptop right now to do the update. If previous APK worked (one before the superchart updates started), I would think it should work again as I am not touching the server side. I still could not get the previous version of APK from as the download was so slow and it reset itself at 84% and could not be resumed.