Superchart on iPad running ios15.1 no historic data no export menu

I’ve been running Superchart on the old Blynk without issue but on new Blynk if (for example) I select 1 hour timeline it displays 1 hour of data but if I scroll there is no historic data, If I select 1 week I get 1 week of data but again if I scroll there is nothing before the initial weeks display.
Also there is no option to export data anymore and occasionally the full screen zoom “sticks” and I have to close the app to get it to work.
Any help gratefully received :+1:

This issue was also flagged in this post…

@Eugene any news on getting this fixed?

As far as data exporting is concerned, it’s now done from the web dashboard, and what is possible will depend on your subscription type, and on whether you have turned on the “Save Raw Data” option for the datastream(s) that you are exporting.
There are advanced settings in the export data dialogue that you need to explore to get the data you want.


Works for me. Will double check with our qa team

Okey, the bug reproduced. Thanks for the report.
Will be fixed with next app update.

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