Superchart Not Recording Data for all clones

I’m using the superchart to track two values updated every second. On all of the clones of my project the live supercharts are working fine, but for some of my users the data is not showing up in the 1hr, 6hr, etc

I am running on a local server.

Hello. Please provide more info. I do not understand what exactly problem is. Who are those clients? How 1h related with “live”?

I’m getting live data charted on the super chart but historical data is not being plotted.

The hardware has been up and running for 4 days and no historical data is being plotted. I do have 8 devices running on a local server and 3 of those devices are charting the data in the superchart as expected.

What app version do you have? What server version? Do you have DeviceTiles? Do you use SuperChart or History Graph?

All of my projects are being run on version 2.18.0. I am running a local server version 0.35.2. I am using the superchart. On some of my projects history data is being recorded to the superchart. On all of my projects, the “live” tab of the superchart works. I am running the server on port 9443.

Current version is 2.20.2

All components, App, Library (with reflashed devices) and LS should be kept as current as possible as they are all interrelated.

Maybe the iOS app version is a little behind? I tried a manual app update and nothing is available.

Also, the super chart problem was my fault with trying to do some weird things with concatenating variables for some values. All is well now.

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