Superchart no data yet

Details :
• NodeMCU
• Smartphone iOS
• Local server

On live it is showing everything, but in 15 min and etc showing no data yet.
Sketch is too big for upload here, but here are some pictures of blynk!

Have you enabled raw storage on your local server?


I make server how is showing on this video

how to do it?

If you can’t be bothered to click on the link I provided, and follow the instructions there about enabling raw storage, then maybe running a local server isn’t for you.


Dear, before I was using Blink cloud, no local server. But after some days I saw, that my graphics are not there and I start to read about this problem and found, that there is no space to accumulate data and thats why blink is showing no data yet. And solution for this, is local server. If you can help me to solve this question without local server it will be great!
Thank you and waiting to your replay.

I have not had any problems with BLYNK cloud server showing my data for superchart. I have some going back like 2 years.

Would you care to cite the source where you read that?

This is a screenshot of Superchart data stored on the Blynk cloud server. As you can see it shows three data streams for the past year. If I scroll left I can go all the way back to February 2018, which is when I deployed this project…