Superchart - "improper" timestamp labelling

I don’t know, maybe I’m picking on details, but the timestamp for superchart data stream lacks date stamping - WHEN SCROLLING back… I’m usually using the 12h or 1d in HiRes mode (hence no date stamp for that resolution), and while scrolling back I’m very quickly “lost in time”. Maybe it would be good to add the date stamp, either on the marker, or at the time axis??? :thinking: See the pic:


+1. @Pavel FYI


+1 Even just on the mark initially would be very useful.

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+1 but wondering how we would fit this information on the tiny space

One could make the tiny space bigger and position it 2/3rds the way up the line, or so, so as not to block the graphical peak view you are looking at… nor be blocked by your finger doing the picking.

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It’s already done! The same way as you have date stamp fit while on week time span, for example.