Superchart custom time scale

I need a time scale of 2 months for a chart, the problem is the default time scales are 1 month and 3 months (what a luck). Is there a way to set a custom time scale for the charts? I checked the docs but it doesn’t mention anything about a custom time scale.

I’m using an ESP8266 with a WiFi connection, the smartphone I’m using is an Android 9 smartphone but I’ll have to configure it on an iOS device.
I’m using the Blynk server, and as data source I’m using 2 virtual pins (V0 and V1)


I think what you see is what you get :slight_smile: … although there is a Reports Widget that can probably be much more specific in your range choices.

This would be a good alternative if only a report didn’t cost 3k energy :laughing:

If I recall (I never need reports) it is a one time energy cost to setup a report. From then on you can run the same report repeatedly over time without further energy.

My problem is the amount of energy I have available:

This is my setup and I have 100 energy available

Time to put your hand in your pocket and contribute towards this amazing product.


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I would do it if this project was for me

Presumably you think that because it’s part of a school/college/university project then it’s not for you, and that you gain no benefit from the minimal expenditure required?


You could setup your own local Blynk server where you can have unlimited energy.

Personally I have purchased energy and it will cover all of my project in the future, and I wanted to contribute towards Blynk. I hope it keeps the open source feel in the future.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have purchased/donated towards software, but when it’s good I do.

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No, actually this project is for a classmate.

Well, the cost of enough energy for the report… with 2100 left over!! (5000 for $6.49) is only the cost of a couple of pizza slices here in a cafeteria or shopping mall food court… Get your classmate to hand over their lunch money for a day :stuck_out_tongue:

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