Superchart: can see 3 months of data in graph but only export 7 days in CSV

Hi. I’m trying to export data from a Superchart widget, and I’m interested in the period from March 23-April 09. I can see this data clearly on the chart by scrolling, but when I export data from the chart using the export CSV button, I receive a link by email that only gives me data spanning about a week, from 2019-04-15 to 2019-04-22.

In April I exported data from this project in the same way and received an email with a working link to the relevant data, but the link now just gives a 404 error.

The device is an Arduino Nano with ESP8266 Wifi module, and it has been intentionally offline for a while, possibly since April 22. I am using the Blynk server, and my phone is running Android version 5.1.

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Another observation looking at the data from another Superchart from different device running Blynk:

Using the same download CSV function to generate an email link, I retrieved a data set running from June 9 to June 21, and the file has 10080 lines, which is exactly how many lines the other file I mentioned earlier had. These two files are from different Supercharts from different devices.

Is the CSV function set to retrieve the 10080 most recent lines? If so, is it possible to increase that size?

I think you’ll probably need to use the reports widget.


I didn’t know about that widget–thanks! Going forward that will do exactly what I want.

Unfortunately it looks like the maximum date range for the report widget one month, and the data I need is older. It all still shows up clearly in the superchart display, where I can see and scroll through the data for over two months. Is there a way to retrieve this data that shows up in the chart but is beyond the 1 month reports timeframe?

Hello. This is by design. For regular data reports - please use Reporting widget.

Only on the local server.

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Hi @Dmitriy. I have the same problem as @compostingtoilet and i tried as you indicated using the reports widget but i can’t get the data beyond the current month, obviously ato using a local server.
Do I have a way to check if there is any problem with the data saved on the local server?
I would like to be able to save all the data on the server in CSV.

What value do you have in your server properties file for


Are you using Raw data storage?


excuse my ignorance, how do i figure it out?


No, I have not enabled raw data storage, I have left the default setting.
Is this the problem?

I don’t know, I use Raw and can query the SQL database to extract the data.


But if I now enable raw data storage I lose all the previous history to date.
Is there no way to extract all the data from March 2021 to today and then import it into the DB?

I wasn’t suggesting that’s what you should do, simply responding to your question

and saying that I don’t know, as I use Raw storage.


Thanks Pete.
I will try to open a new post and hopefully someone will help me.

No need to do that, this post is fine.