SuperChart bug list

Screens 1 and 2: First of all time (x) axe is absolutely out of reality! Look at marks. Next issue is time of maximum EXACTLY 6:58am (my local server time). So time shifted by -1 hours.

Screen 3: heater is OFF at 6:58 and ON at 0:00. Look and see that nuked HistoryGraph is absolutely valid on 1day range. But new SuperChart shows real junk on time axe!

Screen 4: 1week range… There’s developer’s good joke on both HistoryGraph and SuperChart. Look at areas marked by red and have fun!

Once again: I find REALLY useful gridlines in HistoryGraph and I can’t imagine why not to keep this feature (KEEP, not implemet from scratch!) as on/off option! Tap and Hold feature is not comfortable (as for me).

You might find y-axis values useful too.

Yep, thanx, it useless too. Temperatures on my chart are 10,12,14,16,19 (Yep!), 21. Yeah, I understand that’s rounded up values but my brain says DEFINITELY NO! Just try to compare it with values on HistoryGraph. Got it?

For you perhaps. They are a welcome addition for many users.

Have you got a PR to submit?

We are sure Blynk is not perfect. And we are working every day to make it better with each release. We collect feedback and implement changes over time.

Your style of having a conversation doesn’t help, really. I understand your frustration, but your demands can’t be implemented instantly.

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No one answers concerning described issues? Developers really not treat ones as bugs? Really?

It must be features, very good practice. Just as blaming reporters in bad communication behavior.
Ok, I understand. Blynk isn’t perfect. So let it stay.
So long!

No time for comments. We are working on fixes :wink:

You should learn to post in the right category and a little civility wouldn’t go amiss.

We hope you have more luck at the next Community site you visit, but personally, I doubt it.


For what it is worth, I have issued him a warning and locked him down as a 0 - New user If he returns he can be civil or be kicked.

Closing this topic for now.

@Gunner the topic is totally fine. We listen to every opinion. And pointed issues are really a problem/bugs.

No problem… wasn’t sure so I erred on side of caution :stuck_out_tongue: And it wasn’t his issues (although I disagree on the grid… it would be too messy on small phones with the multi graphing options), it was his demeaning attitude toward your efforts.

i’m a patient person, but the manner he communicated his observations i consider a bit rough. like he complained at least for several months and no one tried to solve his issue… or like he spent a fortune to use blynk.

but as his first post and a free app, it is a bit rough.

Well… This type of communication is specific to post-soviet union countries, like one I’m living in :slight_smile:. I know that for you it is too much, however here this is everywhere (but I’m not fun of it either :slight_smile: ).

Believe me, even in Canaderp, the land of the frozen tongue… it can still be a very sharp edged tongue :stuck_out_tongue: I am not unfamiliar with this type of communication and I try to combat it with humor when possible, even if it is a bit sarcastic at times :innocent:

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