SuperChart: Auto-scroll to always show latest data?

I have a template which has several SuperCharts. I open the iOS app multiple times a day to check the charts, but every time I open the app, the SuperCharts only show up to the time I last looked at them, and I have to swipe on each one to move the chart to see the latest data.

When a chart is scrolled all the way to the right, i.e. showing the most recent data, could it automatically continue to scroll as new data is added to it, so that it continues to always show the latest data? Just like it does in “Live” view?

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@Eugene looks like a bug

@jcwacky do you mean like bringing the app from background with the device dashboard already opened there?

@Eugene Correct.

Although even if it’s sitting there with the app open, and I’m on the “1H” view, I’d expect the graph to shift along when new data points appear (unless I’ve purposely swiped back in time).


@Eugene Just to add to this. It seems that if you’re looking at a graph in the past, you can tap on the currently active scale (e.g. “1D”) and it will scroll the graph back to the current time. However, this only seems to work if you’ve manually scrolled back in time. If you are “back in time” because new data has appeared, tapping “1D” doesn’t do anything.

Thanks for fixing this! :rocket:

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