SuperChart as a PDF including Terminal and/or Table

Hi There,

Just wondering if in the future you guys are planning to implement an Export as a PDF or something like this? Not really on my skill set to mess with the HTTP API and generate it myself.

Imagine the scenario: Temperature monitor with Alarm function, that way we could include in the PDF report the alarm timestamp and reason.

The csv export works great for me but moving forward and publishing an App I’d like the user to receive a ready to go PDF report, many of them won’t have the computer literacy to convert the unix code and generate the Graph.

Additionally it’d be great to include an Automatic report and the option to choose the Dates to be exported, that way you could free space on the Blynk server after exporting it.


Customisation is for the Business & Publishing side…

Use the Contact Us link to get a quote.

Thanks Gunner, I’d expect the customisation specifically for my App to be part of the Business package.

However I did see some other people looking for implementing the “defined date” and perhaps different data type.

I’m already in contact with them :slight_smile:

@ldb PDF is OK but these days reports are made available online and Blynk already has this with it’s 3rd party integration (Webhook) to Thingspeak and EmonCMS etc.