Super chart time ticker hide behind graphs

Blynk IoT Arduino app version 1.14.5.
Dear Blynk team

I’m raising a issue here, there’s a bug in super chart widget. That when you click it it’s time / date hide behind the graphs that make it difficult to read the time.

Earlier time is showing above the graphs in white box. Which some what Better then current situation.

Request you to please address the issue.

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Hello @Seth_MSR. Thanks for report. I notified Android developer.

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We are planning a big update at the end of the month. This fix will be included in it.


Hey Devloper
In recent update, you resolved previous problem. But generated another problem

The value at a particular time appears just above the maximum limit of the chart without any dark background…

Making it unreadable.:neutral_face:

Yep, somehow missed it in my checks. It is already fixed, just not released yet. We already plan the 1.15.0 version for Monday/Tuesday - so it will be fixed very soon.

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Issue resolved