Super chart can't display negative values?


today i’ve tried to use super chart to display wifi dbm signal from multiple devices. i set the value min to -100 and max to -35 on all data streams. however, they continously keep resetting to min 0 and max 100.

why is this happening? it is not possible to display negative ranges in super chart, or some bug?

This is Android?

yep! sorry for not giving more details:
android 6, galaxy s5, cloud, app 2.15.3

Very strange, are they not saving for you or they are not working on the view? It’s correct behavior when y-axis is switched to height %, as it would change any less than 0 and large than 100 to 0, 100.

i will investigate in more details later.

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A solution for this problem ? <super chart doesn’t display negative values>
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This is a 4 year old topic about the Legacy version of Blynk.

If you are using the new Blynk IoT version of Blynk and experiencing similar issues then I’d suggest that you create a new topic and provide all of the appropriate details, including details of how your datastreams are configured.