Super Chart Android Bug

Super charts isn’t working on android devices. My apple devices work fine, and I’m able to load historical data. The android device does not load any history for display. “No Data” is displayed.


App version: should be latest release (I will confirm with users)
App version: 3.5.7(0)

affected datastream types - float
time period affected - 1h, 6h, 1d, 1wk, 3mo, 1yr

App versions of your Android and iOS apps?

Which timer period(s) does this happen with?

What datastream types?


Thanks, Pete. Updated with additional information.


Which version of Android app is this about? If possible - provide what About screen of the app specify in its version field.


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We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue.
As I understand, this report is based on your users comments, did you checked same devices on your side?

I confirmed the problem as well. I’m not sure what’s happening, but it’s somehow fixed.

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Strangely, there were no changes in the super chart with the new update (1.12.1). If it will reproduce again - update this thread