Subscription message in PRO plan


Subscription popup keeps showing up after I added tab #4 (before, my application had 3 tabs).

  • PRO plan
  • Android 12 (UI 4.1)
  • Samsung Galax S20
  • Blynk 1.7.0 (98)

Hi, Can you send logs? Main screen → left menu → About → Send logs → Select gmail and send

Thanks for the report, looks like I’ve found the cause of the problem and soon will upload 1.7.1 build which hopefully will be available to update tomorrow.

@BlynkAndroidDev thanks for the quick reply and action

Hi, I have been using the app since last week and I have been having the very same issue and I am on the lastest version of the app 1.13.6, is there a way to fix this

your plan and number of tabs?

Hi. I have the same problem. Please help.
My plan is Free, version app is 1.13.6. I’ve 2 tabs in my app.

@sitamp @Grzegorz_Zajac We already uploaded 1.13.7 with a fix. It is already available to half of the users (check in Play Store it may be already possible to update) and will be available to update in the next 24 hours