Stuck at [1523] INIT => WAIT_CONFIG

Hi, I have uploaded Blynk.edgent on my Nodemcu board. i can see [1523] INIT => WAIT_CONFIG in serial monitor but not able to see Blynk access point. and not able to add device. it stuck at same waiting config mode. i tried 3 different boards but no luck.

Have you opened the Blynk app and hit the “+ Add Device” button?

If so, what does the app say and what version of the app and Blynk library are you using?


Hi Pete,

I have added “Blynk.connected()” to the code in setup() function which made it to stuck at Wait _Config. Now after removing it issue resolved.

Thank you.

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In future, if you’re reporting issues when using the example sketches and you’ve modified them in some way, it’s far better to explain this and post your modified sketch, otherwise people assume that your are using the examples without any modifications.