Streaming on off

Good evening everyone. I added the streaming video widget to my app. I found that whenever I start the app, streaming starts to load the video right from the first moment. In 4G, it almost completely drains my Internet. So I wanted to add a Button / switch / wiget that would only start streaming whenever it was on. I compiled my mega arduino code to supposedly work, which it doesn’t. That is, it works but I have to update the status of the wiget every time I start the app. My code / condition was made like this: (already with the variables previously declared)

If (button == true) {
Blynk.setProperty(V1, “url”, "http://my_new_video_url) ;

The widget receives the writing from the hardware. But I didn’t want the video to start automatically, just when I wanted to by pressing a button.
Can someone help me?

Arduino mega ethernet
Os android

Even with this code, and a button widget every time I start the app on my phone, the video streams in real time. The only way I have managed so far to function minimally was: “Turn off” (button widget) the video transmission, take the app offline in the upper triangle of the screen, and put it back online. But whenever I leave the app, the video starts again and automatically in real time. :neutral_face: