Storing data with time stamp when disconnected then updating data on server when reconnected

I am trying to figure out if its is possible to store data of a virtual pin with time stamp when off line and the send this data with the respective time stamp to the server when reconnected. Of course, I want that this data / time stamp and associated virtual pin can also be used in SuperChart, which turns mandatory to respect the time stamp of data.

Storing data in SD Card for example is simple. The difficult is to send past time stamp data to the server!

If you are trying to “backfill” Superchart I would say it’s not possible.

Thanks a lot, Blynk is an excellent App, congratulations! It made a lot easy my home automation developments!

Do you have in mind a development to make it possible, using for example a synchronization method to reorder the data or to allow resend data ordered to the server? Something like that:

“time stamp_1”, “value_1”, “value_2”, “value_n”
“time stamp_2”, “value_1”, “value_2”, “value_n”

“time stamp_m”, “value_1”, “value_2”, “value_n”

and so on… then SuperChart use this data.

Of course time stamps and respective data are sent to the server previously ordered!

Another question, is each virtual pin data stored in server with time stamps?

Check this out blynkapi · Apiary

@Costas What do you think about this idea?


Personally I don’t think there’s much demand for a backfill feature.
If you have a decent system there shouldn’t be much data lost.

I am not thinking about intermittent internet connection problem. Despite data loss, this development may turn the Superchart feature more complete and flexible! Allowing the user to send all data of various data streams at the same time, including respective time stamps to the Superchart .

I think the development team should consider this point! :grinning: Thanks again.