Step Setting Widget display label resets to 0

Hello Folks…

Step 1:
In the app, I am able to set a value in the Step setting widget. I am sending actual values and not steps.

Step 2:
I am also able to read the value from a virtual pin on the hardware site every time I request to read from the virtual pin assigned to the Step Setting.

Step 3:
After a successful read by the hardware, I see the value label displayed in the widget resets to zero but the widget still has the value set in Step 1.

Is this intended behavior? Can someone verify?



I’d say any behavior that you have not specified in code should be looked upon as a bug if not specifically mentioned in the docs as a feature.

Next step would be to share your code, there could be something in it worth taking a look at.
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I can confirm that the label in the Step Widget doesn’t always show the correct value. In my case I had noticed it when in Step mode:

@Dmitriy can you pass these observations to the correct complaints department :wink:

Opps, I think I misread your issue… but I will leave my previously commented issue there anyhow as it still needs to be addressed.

In your case, “reading” a value from the widget (presumably by the BLYNK_WRITE() command will NOT change anything in the label OR the value of that widgets virtual pin.

As @Fettkeewl said, we need to see your code that causes this observation.


That’s a feature :slight_smile: .

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Hello Fetteewl…Did a bit more debugging by adding one more Step widget. Saw it work with no issues. It turns out to be my code. I had the same virtual pin for the Step Widget assigned to a LCDWidget by mistake. I was doing a lcd.clear() and hence was removing the label value. All is good now.

Thanks for your prompt responses.

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