Status of Pro Widgets after expiry of subscription

If I take monthly subscription for Plus and include some PRO Widgets in a device, what will happen to these Pro Widgets if the Plus subscription is not renewed.

These widgets will be marked with badge “upgrade” and will be non working.

@Dmitriy can you explain what’s the meaning of plus widgets and pro widgets please ?

@John93 for now pro == plus, we plan to change that, but that’s not yet done.

I hope you mean that plus widgets stays as they are now and pro will get more, and not limiting widgets on plus plan (at least for existing plus clients)?

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Nope. Few widgets will be removed from pro version and this set will be called as plus.

Is this an assumption, or based on solid information you’ve been given by Blynk?


I really hope that’s not true because one of the main reasons why I purchased the plus plan was the widgets package. It would be nice if someone from Blynk react.

In another topic I also read concerning thoughts from Blynk of further downsizing the plus plan.
In my opinion you can’t do that, after you first attract people for a plan with certain content and price, let them pay for a year and then soon after that downsize it’s content.
It’s ok to do that for new clients but not for your existing ones.

Kind of assumption. But -

PRO Widgets include:

All Basic Widgets and

  • Styled button
  • Icon Button
  • Image button
  • Sliders: vertical and horizontal
  • Step Sliders: vertical and horizontal
  • RGB Lights Control
  • Step control
  • Slope control
  • Switch
  • Level Slider
  • Level Slider with a switch
  • Labeled Value
  • Gauge
  • Radial Gauge
  • Enhanced Gauge
  • LCD
  • Super Chart - Multi Datastream
  • Terminal
  • Video Stream
  • Levels: Horizontal and vertical
  • Image Gallery
  • Gradient Ramp
  • Icon
  • Map
  • Tabs (up to 20)
  • Dropdown
  • Text input
  • Numeric Input
  • Segmented switch
  • Segmented switch with icons
  • Multi-line text
  • URL button
  • URL Image button

This says pro widgets.


For plus widgets they may remove few from it. Its just a guess work based on how Blynk adds restrictions (add / subtract )features…

In that case it would have been better if you’d have said “I assume that a few widgets will be removed from the Pro version, because the current list of widgets refers to Pro as opposed to Plus/Pro”.

That way, people can understand that this is your personal opinion, and see the logic behind why you assume that this is the case.


Who ever has visited this website will know the term Pro widgets. There is no term called plus widgets. So i used a little common sense :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, for a lower subscription plan, its quite obvious they have to remove few widgets from plus plan to make justice for pro plans.

So may be its not assuming. I am almost sure :stuck_out_tongue:

This is written as if it is a statement of fact…

when actually it’s an educated guess. Whilst this educated guess may prove to be correct, at this stage it is still a supposition by you and you should make that clear, so that when people read it they don’t take it at face value.


Not exactly.


Eventually what i said will be very soon implemented. Lets hope they dont remove widgets :cry:… and come up with some other strategies.

Yes this is indeed a fact. As Dmitriy as said already.

No, what was said is that in future the plus and pro widgets won’t equate to the same thing.
@bazzio said…

To which you categorically stated that it would be the latter scenario not the former.
Whilst I agree with you that this is PROBABLY the way it will be done, the point I’m making is that you are making a statement of fact based simply on your assumption of how this will be done.

You should always make it clear whether you are stating a known fact, or making an assumption. In this case you are making an assumption.


Never mind