Statistisch on Blynk server availability

dear community,

I have two Arduino home control systems remotely controlled through the Blynk server. Both are connected to different Internet Service Provided (Telenet and Proximus - Belgium), are located in two different physical locations (100 km apart from each other) and running very different SW. They are both monitored by an separate co-located Nano and restarted (power cycled) after loss of connectivity from the Blynk server for 3 min. I installed this watchdog as I have found the systems “not-reachable” in some occasions, the hard reboot does solve those. This happens now and then, sometimes once a day, sometimes once a week but I have never seen both systems restarting concurrently (but don’t know neither if they are connected to the same server instance°.

As soon as the Arduino’s and they Ethernet shields are power cycled, they reconnect immediately to the Blank server in 90% of the cases, sometimes it takes them a couple of retries.

There is a ton of reasons why this could happen, bad HW, SW bugs, Network instabilities etc but before going into more detailed evaluations, I was wondering if there are any stats around on the Blank service availability (as this could be a reason as well even if I do have my doubts).

As the watchdog with power-cycle does get me out of troubles, this situation is not urgently asking for a solution but I would like to diagnose and understand the real issue in the end.

So as a start, the question for this tread is “are there any stats around on the Blank service availability”.

Thanks for your help.

Hello @pierredebuysscher, yes -

In general we do 1 deployment once a week. For example, today asia downtime - is planned deployment. In average.- every deployment takes ~2 minutes.

Also, hardware from the same account is always connected to the same server.