Static Token Blynk 2.0


im facing a problem when connecting the device using static token auth. as per say in doc, we still can get to use Blynk 2.0 and

the problem is, when i uploaded the code and my nodemcu connected to the wifi. everything was fine. i checked dashboard on, my device is online. when i checked the apps, there is no devices added. it prompted me to add a new device.

but when i want to add new device, it prompted me that there is a device connected to my project. as i am free user, i can only to add one device. is there any work around this bug?

before this, i tried new library, blynk.edgent(). everything was fine and works perfect. but i dont know how to change wifi credential after once i connected my device to the internet. i already flash my nodemcu but it doesnt work. then i opted to using static auth token. then i faced this problem.

Changing wifi password is performed via:

  • Open Device in the APP.
  • Click 3 dots (upper right corner)
  • Click 3 dots once again
  • Select Reconfigure → OK → Ready

If the device does not appear in the list, use Reset button on the device to get it into the config mode:

  • Hold button for 10 seconds
  • Release the button

thanks. now it showing my device on my apps. but it took a very long time though to appear on my app. ive been resetting mutilples times now and suddenly it appears on my apps when i didnt do anything but left it on for a while.

i hope this could be fix soon. thanks for your help btw.

May be you have lots of code running in your loop ?
Or connection issue with router ?

Hm… I think this is because you didn’t have any mobile template. Is that true? Have you edited the mobile template before device appeared?