Static IP (without DHCP) ENC28J60 Arduino Mega

I use the ENC28J60 and Arduino Mega for my project. I also use Blynk server. So, I want to make ENC28J60 connect to the local network using static IP. How can I realise that?

Some routers have the ability to always give the same IP address out to DHCP clients.
So the device uses DHCP but the IP address it gets always happens to be the same one.
I do this with my Google Wi-Fi network.
I know this does not answer the exact question you posed, but it may make it moot.

In principal setting static IP for the ENC28J60 works the same as for Ethernet shields.

See here:

The only difference lies in the libraries that you need to include.

Just make sure that the static IP is outside the range of IPs handled by the DHCP server inside the router. But, most likely you are aware of this if you use a local Blynk server.