Standalone ESP-12 and Arduino Uno communication?

Hey fellow Blynkers!

So, my project is currently like this:
Arduino Uno connected to two MSGEQ7 chips, getting stereo audio visualization, and sending light data to a WS2812B LED strip.

I have a ESP8266 (ESP-12 module) separately, and I have it connected to Blynk. I would like to be able to control the Arduino outputs using Blynk commands sent to the ESP8266. For example, using the hardware serial pins.

So, for each command that I send to a virtual pin in Blynk on the ESP8266, it would send a command via Serial to the Arduino, like to change to LED pattern or turn on/off.

Is this possible to simulate Blynk control of the Arduino, without connecting it to internet?

Currently I was looking at using EasyTransfer, but I haven’t had much luck … I was wondering if there are better/more reliable ways to do this that anyone has worked out.

Thanks guys!

P.S. Best wishes for the new year!

You could easily do this with I2C protocol. Thats probably easier to implement than Serial.

As for simulating, if you attach the Arduino to the PC you can send serial commands, so yes, that’s possible.

In my project I have two UNO’s communicating (one way) thru serial. Sending and receiving is easy, parsing the received data to something useful was a bit more tricky :rofl: But my string was a bit complicated due to different data types. Take a look at my code and see if it could help you:

Cheap(est) RF 433 Mhz bridge for home automation with both Tx and Rx

In short: A string like <1912830,1,15,0,-1> is sent where < and > are start/end markers for the transmission. The markers are removed and the string 1912830,1,15,0,-1 is parsed with some magic to correct variables :innocent:

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