Sound / beep widget

Can you guys add a simple beep / alarm widget such that events sent from IoT devices can notify the user that something interesting happened?

Dear @shayo

The existing notification widget does exactly that:

You can build your sketch to use it based on any event you want. If your phone is not in silent mode you will hear a notification sound.

With a once per minute limit. Which is the same for all three notification types on Blynk.

Is that a problem for your project?

It would not be for my boat alarm. I am monitoring batteries, cabin temp, bilge level and burglar alarm. It might be for my new project as that is monitoring a process where if “A” reaches a certain threshold “B” happens. “A” reached a level that I want to know that “B” reacted to it. SInce I do not have the project built yet, I do not know.

My response was simply pointing out the restriction to shayo as it was not pointed out in the first reply.

Thank you

One more thought on this. Since I can have multiple messages in a project, is the limit for the entire project or for the individual message? In other words, can I send message one and then send message two immediately or will message two be dropped if it is sent sooner then one minute apart?


Limit is set for all notifications, except for the notification that your hardware is disconnected.

Ok, thanks for the reply. One minute regardless of how many messages are in my project. Got it

Limit is per project. We did it to avoid flood, cause many users run “email” within main loop… But you can always run Local server and thus remove this limit at all.

Understood. Thank you again

My notification widget only has “notify when hardware goes offline”. I don’t get a beep.

I don’t get a beep for any of my notifications either but they do come up on my i phone screen. Hearing an actual sound notification would be cool. Does anyone have a solution? A small gripe for an otherwise fantastic product :sunglasses:

@shayo @murilopicanco @mpo881 @Dmitriy @Pavel
Having an actual Alarm/Beep Widget is necessary…
Users of Blynk, want to be notified of different kinds of events…
It could be a simple notification for events like:

  1. Slightly higher temperature level
  2. Slightly higher humidity level
  3. Movement Detection

It could be a critical notification for events like:

  1. Fire Alarm
  2. Smoke Alarm
  3. Burglar Alarm
  4. Intruder Alarm

There has to be a widget that allows a set of Alarms like:

  1. Continuous Beep
  2. Loud Beeps with long intervals
  3. Loud Beeps with short intervals
  4. Pattern Beeps
  5. Ding Dong Sounds
  6. Siren Style Sounds

Current notification uses the mobile phone’s inbuilt notification feature and treats the alerts like its an SMS/Message/Email and doesn’t alert the users enough. They’re not unique alerts and there’s a very high possibility of the triggered alert, going unnoticed…

Whatever we do with our mobile phones, the high priority alerts has to override every function and notify users on top of everything else… Only then the purpose of notification will be complete!


Are this a something you plan to implement? An audible notification (also if blynk is running in the background)? Would be great for f.x. alarm systems.


Ah, the “blynk.notify” does the job even if the app is not running! Excellent!

Still, an Alarm Widget that sounds and/or flashes mobile cell phone until is dismissed would be a good idea for critial events that MUST be acknowledged, don’t you think?


I have been using Temboo with one of my projects. Temboo will send me an email. I convert the email to text message
********** (phone number and cell provider, mine is Verizon). So, when I receive a text from the “user” (my temboo email to text message), I can now assign a different ring tone to that “user”. So, when I hear that ringtone, I know that I am getting a message from my Blynk project. Not as easy as the app you suggest but it works. I have been using it since Blynk went live like this and still use it today.

Maybe this helps until such time that an Alarm widget possibly gets added