Sorry to be so obtuse - my app looks different than my tutorial

Before creating the topic

  1. I searched and did not find a solution my android app does not look like the tutorials online
  2. Checked the archives of posts and came up empty
  3. Add details :
    • Arduino UNO 101 with a separate hs05
    • android on V10
    • Blynk account created app installed running V1.5.4
    • Blynk Library version 1.1.0
    • Add your sketch code.
    my code comes from - unedited
    GitHub - HackerShackOfficial/Autonomous-Follow-Me-Cooler: Cooler that follows you by navigating via GPS 🍹🌊⛱

Arduino verifies and uploads but the app portion has me seeking insight

looks different create new project like in the tutorial is missing Arduino model and Bluetooth not available.

tutorial is at the 6 minute mark of the follow me cooler video 2

thanks for your time and attention in advance


That was the Blynk Legacy app, which is no longer available.
The new Blynk IoT app, which you have, is the new generation Blynk product, which does not (currently) support Bluetooth.


Oh no! Is there a repository where I can load the older version?

Thanks for the insight

The legacy version app is no longer available in the App/play stores, and even if you sideload a copy of the old APK file you won’t be able to create an account any longer.
Even if you did, the cloud servers will be switched off at the end of the year anyway.


yep, thanks mate!

got it from A alternate site now it says user isnt registered.

know of a alternative tool to use such as blynk to assign V pins and to follow my bluetooth signal?

You could try MIT app inventor.


I used that before when I made a delta robot

As illustrated with

I had never done it previously but followed along his instructions. now found another project and the hardware (gps) was obsolete and software side is no longer available and seeking a alternative doesn’t respond to emails, website thread questions or instagram etc

Thanks for your time sir