Sonoff and garage door

Hey all. Not strictly blynk related, but I am using a Sonoff with custom firmware to talk to MQTT and I am controlling the whole thing via Blynk.

I want to use the Sonoff to operate my garage door. My problem is that the garage door (an ancient Bosch model) takes 220VAC to operate, then has a control line with a button switch that runs at ~50VAC. Click the switch, the door opens.

Theoretically, I would like to use the Sonoff to switch the control line, but I am running into a snag, as the Sonoff requires 90-240VAC to operate. I tried connecting it to that 50VAC line, but it appears the voltage is not high enough to power it.

What I COULD do is take a line from the 220VAC input, use a voltage regulator to output something like 5VDC and connect that to the Sonoff internal VCC pins (I’ve soldered a header).

Would that work? Powering the Sonoff via a DC source, then switching the 50VAC with the main circuit?

This is what I would suggest.
Another option is to just create your own circuit from an ESP8266, Relay and a tiny bit of code.
Then you could just use your Sonoff for somthing else that doesn’t require any modification (since its such a nice package as it is).

The vcc header pin on the sonoff is not designed to accept 5v so be careful you will fry the 8266.

If you are adept at soldering you can add a wire to the underside of the board between the pin of the zener diode and the capacitor, this is upstream of the built in regulator and will accept 5 volts.

@ProbitasConsulting Please pay attention to the date stamps… you are replying to an old topic, if the OP fried the board, then it is surely replaced by now :wink: