SonOff 4ch

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After bringing up an old domotic system on arduino to manage the heating of windows and doors, I also implemented blynk in the code without any problem and with many satisfactions. Now I would like to bring in my project also the 4ch Sonoffs that manage the lighting of my house. To start I tried to flash with a minimum code and the flash apparently happened correctly, only that the component does not go online. I do not understand if I can handle 4ch Sonoffs as normal esp8266 (nodemcu for example) or if I have to add some particular library. I did a test with a “sonoff basic” using the sonoffboilerplate tutorial and it works regularly, but I can not figure out where I can go wrong. Now the sonch 4ch is unusable with the old system, but this does not bother me, but I’d like to get some results … Any suggestions?

This type of problem is usually caused by choosing the wrong flash mode (DOUT was the norm, but sometimes you need to experiment).

The 4CH (non Pro) uses the ESP8285. This is the same as the ESP8266 in most ways, but the memory is onboard with the 8258 and offboard with the 8266. Both can be flashed as an ESP8266 provided you get the flash mode right.
If you choose ESP8285 in the Arduino IDE then you don’t get to choose the flash mode, which simplifies things somewhat (although this could change with different versions of the ESP core).

So, I’d make sure your ESP core is up to date then choose ESP8285 as your board type and try re-flashing.

If you’re specifying static IP addresses then obviously make sure that the IP address doesn’t clash with any other devices on your network.


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Thank you so much for your answer!!! The schetch is the basic one, it was enough for me to check that in the meantime it took the wifi connection. I tested it on a successful nodemcu.
I tried to change options as you said, and now the sonoff goes online … :star_struck: obviously now I have to write the remaining part of the code …
Already I’m here where I can find a scketch for the basic use of sonoff4ch ?, without having to rewrite (today I feel lazy) …:sleeping: