"something went wrong when connecting to the server"

Good Day Blynk Community!
I hope you understand guys. :slight_smile:
Well i have this problem… i created my own server and it works (well… some? Haha some problem is when i combine 5 switch and 1 LCD in one project its takes too long to respond, but we can work it later :grin: ).
The real problem is when i turn off my PC and open it again my phone(android) can’t find my project. and this message pop up…
“Couldn’t connect to the server. Please check your internet connection, or try again.”
and when i log-out and try to log in…
“Something went wrong when connecting to the server blynk”
this message always pop-in.
I try to find an issue in this community like mine and i found one and try to do the method they do. Like uninstalling the blynk then reboot the phone and install it again.
Well at first try… it didn’t work, but when i do the 2nd trial it works! It always works on the 2nd trial when i turn off my PC. This is always my cycle.

Maybe this is the error? i dont know?
Well please help guys!! :neutral_face: Thank you in advance!!!

@Zam08 I don’t really know what your problem is but you shouldn’t be running the java command with /path at the end.

You need to be entering the actual path to your data directory, so maybe
/Users/Administrator/Blynk Server/data
in your case as the path format appears to be unix style even on Windows machines.

You might want to change the name of the Directory from Blynk Server to BlynkServer,

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I just updated build. Please download file again.

So okay… ill remove the /path in the java command and change the “Blynk Server” to “BlynkServer” right?? Thank you!

Even though you are running Windows I would lose the space and enter your directory path to the data directory at the end of the java command line instead of /path.

Im so sorry… what d you mean by build? the Blynk Libraries or blynk server?

Server. Jar file is builded server.