Some basic questions about Blynk

Hi everyone ! New user here, and I have a few questions that I need to be answered, so I know if I can use or not Blynk for my future projects.

Im working on a project and I want to create an app for it so I can control things remotly and also receive data from it. Can I do that with Blynk ?
Remotly meaning that even tho im 1000km away from the board ( ESP32 ) I can still receive and send commands

Can I do that with Blynk Cloud and have an app on my phone?
Also , I just made myself a Blynk Pro ( i think ) account so I can have acces to more widgets , but how do I unlock them on my phone ?
Or can I create the app layout and all I need on my browser ?

Thanks and sorry if the questions are stupid

You can’t create a specific app that can be downloaded from the app/play store - at least not without parting with some money - but you can use the Blynk app to display data from and control your devices.

Yes, you can control your device from anywhere that has an internet connection.


This version of Blynk has just been launched, and I think that everyone has access to the same widgets. Some time towards the end of this month we are expecting to find ouit which ones of the existing widgets will only be available to Pro/Plus users. So, there isnt anything to unlock - what you see now is what there is.

No, the app layout and browser layout are totally unconnected, and the browser only has a small number of widgets available at the moment.


Thanks for that answers, Pete!

So, is Blynk Cloud Pro connected in some way with the Android App itself at this moment?
Because I first made an account on my phone, and then I tried to connect with that same account on my browser for Blynk Cloud and it didnt work, so I had to make a new one using the same mail.

From what I understand, I will use Blynk on my phone just to create my layout and on my browser I will use Cloud to create a server so I can communicate from distance with my hardware ?

Thanks again

I don’t understand your description of what you’ve done, but both the app and browser need to be signed-in to the same Blynk account.

You don’t create the server, it’s there already and you have created an account on that server by signing-up to Blynk.
You start by creating a device template in the browser and defining the datastreams that will be used to communicate between the server, device, app and browser.


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Thanks for your answers and your time, appreciate a lot!

Please be aware there is also the old app on the App Store and probably on the Android side also.