[SOLVED] YunClient ? Shouldn't this be updated?


The “BlynkSimpleYun.h” works only in the newest Arduino 1.6.7 due to YunClient.h problem but even this version gives an error:

`C:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\libraries\Bridge\src/YunClient.h:24:2: warning: #warning “The use of YunClient is deprecated. Use BridgeClient instead!” [-Wcpp]

#warning “The use of YunClient is deprecated. Use BridgeClient instead!”`

What about that?

Thanks for pointing out!
The Yun was integrated when BridgeClient was not available.
Still this is not the error, just a warning. It should still work.
We will switch to BridgeClient soon.

Yup, it does work, but as far as I know - only in newest Arduino IDE 1.6.7

Unfortunately I can’t swith to using it, as most users use IDE 1.6.5, and it doesn’t have BridgeClient.h
Anyway, it’s just warning and it works.
We will update when #include <BridgeClient.h> becomes more widespread. Thank you anyway.


Ran into the same problem as you with IDE 1.6.7 concerning the ClientBridge warning, but my Sketch stopped working completely because of a compatibility problem warning relating to the analogInputToDigitalPin , but in this case the " Named analog pins were not able to be defined and the message included " Named analog pins will not work"

Took me hours to realize that it was not a problem with the code or the Yun, once I went back to IDE 1.6.1 all worked fine.