[SOLVED] Would setting default widget frequency to "PUSH" be popular?

as title says :slight_smile:

i only ever use PUSH - never any time period?

i know Blynk would have the stats on how many people use PUSH vs others, but is it a minority using PUSH?

(yes, it is only an extra few seconds in my app building, but if I’m building a new app from scratch, it is annoying to keep changing the update frequency…)

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I believe I made a similar suggestion at some point.

I guess the only issue is that total beginners perhaps need the feature of something happening without doing any coding. With PUSH this is not possible and maybe the reason it’s not the default setting.

ah, OK, i understand… yes, makes sense - i can live with it in that case :slight_smile:

And because most users start tinkering right away without reading manuals and stuff. It’s a job hazard if you like these sort of things, LOL.

But it would be nice if you can adjust that setting to be default or not for your projects!