[SOLVED] Video streaming hw recommendation

Hello kind people
I would like to try streaming video from camera via blynk,
but i read most of topics about, and i found there are some troubles with streaming,
and i saw from replies that maybe the camera type could be the reason.
could you please provide me the perfect camera model for Blynk app.
and i want to control the position of the camera by servo.
so please could you provide me with a suitable camera and the servo tool which make position control is possible.
If you provide me with commercial site url for such products i will be grateful.

You are asking for a lot of specific things that are not readily available in handy wrapped packages…

  • Camera. There is no official list or “perfect” camera. You simply try what you have and play around with the URL layout. Relatively recent changes do seem to allow some mjpeg based as well as RTSP, but you should simply keep reading the forum posts and experimenting for yourself.

  • Servo control for camera positioning. This isn’t even close to being Blynk specific and if you haven’t yet learned how to move a servo in Blynk with some code, servo library and control widgets, then again, please start searching, reading and learning.

  • Commercial site for camera. Honestly, just Google for IP cameras… they are all over the place. And even a few good links have been shared in this forum.

Sorry if you don’t appreciate my “accent”, it is not intended to be critical or rude, but you have been a member for almost a year and still keep asking for things to be handed to you, that you could easily find on your own with a simple Google search and some quality reading time in this forum.


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Don’t worry my friend,
but I already watched about 80 comment and replies with someone who is trying to stream from his own camera, and some of replies from you guys state that some cameras maybe complicated to deal with.
i watched the video you mention and i saw the comments also, and the video owner mentioned somethings
about router networking.
sir I don’t looking for someone give me things in my hands, I am looking and searching for two days,
I am just asking for advice from people who have experience with cameras and i expected that from you.
I just don’t like to buy camera which is not suitable to play with blynk. If you see this is a big request I will apologize to you.

actually and so sorry I am a member for one year, and until now i didn’t get any help from you @Gunner except fucosing on how i am asking help.

The others help and one of them help me so good.
please sir don’t sorry about your language.

I am not asking you to teach me how to move servo motor,
I am asking you about the tool where to find it. i mean commercial website give me the camera and it’s own position control tool. if this is a big request i apologize again.

That advice is valid help, otherwise this forum will clog up with questions like…

…where the best answer is GOOOOOGLE :wink:

“Give a man some code and he will flash an LED for a day. Teach a man to RE-SEAR-CH and he will have the most awesomely Blynk controlled smart house on the block!”

Thank you very much for the link,
That what did i need from the biggining.
I was looking for such thing for a while.
I know person must has search skills, but sometimes you reach to the end without results.
Thank you again but per in mind that i hate to ask peoble to give me things in my hands.

How do you even come up with this stuff ?

“I think, therefore I Google” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Give a man some code and he will flash an LED for a day. Teach a man to RE-SEAR-CH and he will have the most awesomely Blynk controlled smart house on the block!”


You should start using this :stuck_out_tongue: https://lmgtfy.com/

For the camera I can suggest all Hikvision IP Camera, here an example:

They have two streams like one for LAN and one for Internet so you can use the second one to watch the stream from Blynk when you’re away or at least not in the same LAN of the camera.
You can try with this link:
For the servo I would suggest to find some project with Arduino + http api, for example