[SOLVED] Using video widget with reolink camera RLC-422


I don’t success to make it work with my IP camera reolink.
I use this link but it doesn’t work -> rtsp://user:pswd@IP Publique/h264Preview_01_main
The link works fine with VLC but not with Blynk…

Should somebody have successed with this and may advice me?


This part needs to be an actual IP address or at least a web domain for a DNS redirection service etc.

For example I have one that looks like this for internal network use:


Or this with a NoIP link and router port for external network access:


Helle Gunner, iIn fact with http it only make a snapshot, not a live stream.

But this night I found the solution in RTSP->
rtsp://user:pswd@IP Publique/h264Preview_01_sub

The sub stream is at lower résolution, so lower bitrate… and it works now!! :slight_smile:

If it may help anybody else :wink:

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