[SOLVED] Uno,esp need some help


I am sorry for my language

I have Clone Arduino UNO (and pro mini and nano I try with every) and modem ESP8266-01

Version Arduino “ARDUINO 1.6.7” and with programator I check version in ESP
compiled @ Dec 25 2014 21:40:28
AI-THINKER Dec 25 2014)

I have tried many tutorials but none work.

I tried with pins TX and RX, Digital 2 and 3, 8 and 9, etc.
I tried with pin CH_PD is connect to 3,3V and not
I heard that Leonardo can be connected to the TX and RX but the UNO can not. It is my observations why maybe not work

I tried this tutorial but it does not work
I have a Windows 10 additional

I need a

  • scheme how to connect ESP8266-01 to Arduino UNO (very importent UNO)

  • the program

  • step by step instructions

Maybe just doing something wrong, and why it does not work
I will be grateful for any help

What I always need to do with my ESP is connect as this:

Tx <> Rx Uno
Rx <> Tx Uno
CH_PD <> 3v
RST <> 3v
VCC <> 3v

I don’t know about the latest models, but when I forget the pull the Reset HIGH, it never works for me.

And a good stable power supply helps too :slight_smile:

But when I connect CH_PD to 3,3V (each of the three ESP8266 that I have) ESP and arduino turns off. I don’t know why but when it is programmed by the programmer CH_PD must be connected to 3.3V to work properly

From where are you feeding the ESP?
You should use an external power supply, the ESP requires more power than the UNO is able to give.

I use an external power supply and esp8266 soft shield program in the sketch and everything works nicely.

Good, happy Blynking!!