[SOLVED] Unable to send Auth Token via email - Local Server

I must not be able send token to my email. I have read n implement tutorial crefully, but same error. I’m instal blynk server on Raspberry Pi

Posting to old topics is not recommended as Blynk is constantly being developed and past issues/solutions may differ as time goes on. I have moved your issue into it’s own topic.

Can you supply more detail on versions used and whether you have set up your email properties?

Enabling mail on Local server

To enable mail notifications on Local server you need to provide your own mail credentials. Create file mail.properties within same folder where server.jar is. Mail properties:


Find example here.

NOTE : you’ll need to setup Gmail to allow less secured applications. Go here and then click “Allow less secure apps”.

Oh im sorry, im newbe in here. thanks for your atention.
lot of be changes actualy so im tired. but now this problem is solved. Now I can send token to my email. Actualy, its very easy just “Allow less secure apps” in your google mail account and trun off “2-step Verivication” on your google account. Just it. thanks @Gunner, sorry for my english bad.and so so sorry if i veolate this rules

No need to apologise, I was just keeping things organized and letting you know why I made the changes :smiley:

Glad you got it working now.

If you don’t like the lack of Google’s security and 2-step verification, then do like I did and create a second email, specifically for Blynk account and device use, and restore your security on your primary email address. Then forward any email from your Blynk email to your primary one, so you don’t have to merge or keep switching gmail accounts.

ok :smiley:
thanks for advice

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