[Solved] Time input widget time setting offset by +8 hours

Hi Blynkers,

Since the android app update this morning, I noticed that the start and stop times I have set in the time widget have both been shifted by +8 hours. It gets shifted by the same amount of hours with or without setting the TZ. It was all fine before the update and there were no code changes to my sketch. To make it work now I have to set the time I want to trigger to happen ahead by 8 hours.

Is the latest update the cause of this? My TZ is +8.


What android app version are you using?

2.15.2 on Android 7. Samsung Note 5.

Logging build with the fix is at Automatic scheduler. ESP-01 with 4 Time Input Widgets

My phone says the downloaded apk is corrupted and failed to install.

@alantch try the dropbox download again, it was fine for me.

@costas Nope. Still not able to. Another way would be to first uninstall Blynk and reinstall the apk. Will my project be deleted if I uninstall Blynk?

Your project is on the server, either local or cloud, not on the phone.

@costas All good now. Thanks much for all the help.