[Solved] Time Input-No days selected


If there are no days selected in TimeInput normaly with folowing code I should receive nothing

for (int i = 1; i <= 7; i++) {
if (t.isWeekdaySelected(i)) {
Serial.println(String("Day “) + i + " is selected”);
zi_alarma2[i] = 1;
zi_alarma2[i] = 0;

But I get that all days are selected which is not. I think this behaviour is not normal.

As soon as I select one day it’s working ok.

It was designed that way but there is a library hack if you want it to work with no days.

Thank you for the info. Can you please point me on that hack? For me is more logical that no days selected means no days selected.:smile:

It’s covered in this thread TimeInput Widget delivers ALL days selected when no day is selected

Again. Thanks a lot!

Finally my sprinklers can rest.:slight_smile: