[Solved] Terminal Widget not working correctly after installing latest android version

After I updated my android phone with latest version this morning when I use the terminal widget the keyboard pops up as it suppose to. But when I hit send the keyboard will not go away.
Even when I change tabs.
I have to restart Blynk app before it will go away.
Anyone else having this problem.

As per the announcements copy and paste was added to the Terminal widget in the Android version that was published on Google Play today.

Keyboard pops up and disappears ok on my S3 running 4.4.4.

What handset and what Android version are you using?

Hello Costas
Samsung Galaxy S6 Android Version 5.1.1
I uninstalled Blynk on the phone and reinstalled and still not working.From the google play store.
Copy and paste does not work either,
Everything else seems to be working ok. Just not the terminal widget.
Oh. I see now. You have to swipe the keyboard down and it will disappear.

is cut and paste working OK?

Yes, That seems to be working also.
This one is solved.
Thanks for your help and your valued time.
I have noticed that you are a great resource for all.
We all appreciate you.

To hide keyboard - you could just make scroll or swipe on the rest part of the screen, or just a click on a screen (except tabs) also should work.

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