[SOLVED] Terminal widget (and Widget colour) issue after latest app update (2.13.4)

Running Blynk on a local server. App is on Android.

After latest app update, my terminal widget changed background and foreground color to “black on black”, (text is not even visible).
If I set colors again to my wish, after a minute (or so) terminal reverts to “black on black” again.
Not sure if it is significant, my terminal is in a Tab of a Tabs Widget.

I can confirm with the latest app ver 2.13.4 that there are overall widget colour issues (terminal, LED, Sliders, etc) any colour you want, as long as it is Black, Blue or Green :stuck_out_tongue: The only exception is anything directly coloured via HEX values.

Hang in there, they will respond and repair as soon as they can.

@Gunner @alcal do you have latest server?

Not sure if it is the latest version, I’m not at home now, and cannot check. I’ll report this evening.

I thought I had… but I see you have been busy in the last two weeks :smiley: All back to shiny colours now with 0.24.2.jar :+1:

@alcal, depending on what your terminal colour was, you may need to manually restore it (and possibly a few other widget colours). Mine was previously blue, but after server update it was black, until manually adjusted.

I can confirm that after the server update the problem is fixed, thanks!