[SOLVED] syncAll or syncVirtual not working with Timer

The target application is a thermostat with two timers, one for morning and one for afternoon. During the timer periods, the radiators need to go on if the temperature of a DHT22 is less than a target temperature set by a slider widget.

When all is running, the timer event is sent correctly, Blynk_Write is called, and all seems to work fine. But when I restart the sketch (or for whatever reason the Arduino restarts), I cannot get the sketch to update itself with the state of the timer.

What am I doing wrong?

Setup is an Arduino Yun, a DHT22 and a Relay board for Radiators and Hot Water. Other ESP8266 sensors will then add more zones, but this is for later,

Here is the code:

@Lpasca hello. But timer doesn’t have any state. It is just a trigger.

Got it. So it will just generate the event.

But it would be nice to have it remember, i.e. know when it is blinking.

You could do that via LED widget on app or button widget or value display… Indeed there are a lot of ways :wink:

Thanks. I was in fact going in that direction.