[SOLVED] Solar Powered Weather Station ESP8266 + Blynk

Hi, i started a weather station project, but i need some help.
Currently I have two sensors connected (DHT11 + DS18B20) but I will install others like wind speed, wind direction, rain, etc. Being a battery/solar powered project i need a low current consumption and i did some testing with Wifi ON (79mA) and Wifi OFF (16mA) that looks nice for my battery/solar panel configuration.
I’m thinking about sending the data every 5 minutes, but i need the ESP8266 running all time to read the wind speed sensor. I tried use WiFi.disconnect() + WiFi.forceSleepBegin() to disable Wifi and reduce power consumption but with Blynk running the connection is restored automatically.

Do you know any way to stop Blynk while the wifi is off?

Thanks, and sorry for my bad english. I hope you understood my problem.

Study Blkynk.config() as a replacement for Blynk.begin().

Also loop() will be:

void loop() {
 if (Blynk.connected()) {

Hello Costas,

It´s working well. Thanks for your help.

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